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"I bought two kittens from them and i feel really lucky to have them in my life they are little bundles of joy it has been almost 6 months since I got them, my love has been growning for them ever since and in return they also show same love and affection. Both the kittens have very sweet personality each with unique traits. My family members also love them because of their cute tricks and playful habbits. They follow me around and recognize their names when ever I take anyone's name he would come running."

- Hajra Younus


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"I looked and looked for years to find the perfect breeder, specializing in punched in bi color / van persians and who would deliver internationally. I was very concerned about reliability of purchasing online not only if the right color and breed would be delivered (as shown in da pics) but also if they were going to be healthy as online buying is risky. When we picked them from the airport they were exactly the way described by the breeder and were in da pics sent by them, all the information and paper work was completed by the breeder before they shipped them, they also gave us all the information regarding shipping procedures. They are not only helpful in the purchasing procedure but if we want any info regarding any matter they breeders willingly provide all the help and information they can. The kittens are beautiful and really cute they are healthy, playful and very friendly. My sister loved them soo much that she has taken them from me and refuses to give them back :)"

- Javeria


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